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Sorry but I've seen more ugliness come out from tumblr in the last few days than I ever saw come from Dalton's. Not following your hypocritical logic. You say it's your blog and you can write whatever you want, but he can't? I just don't get it. He's not allowed to have a bad day or react to the hateful comments, but you CAN? He may be famous but you don't get to dehumanize him for entertainment. He is actually a real person, just like you. Maybe he just wants to play music, not deal w/this. —Anonymous

im assuming there is supposed to be a *your in that first sentence there hunny

Nah son, never been talking about hate. You can react to hate in any way you want. Its the reasonable questions with the as of yet unjustified snark that get to me. not once have made an example of him reacting to hate. so idk where that came from but ok w/e.

and i never dehumanised him. for fucks sake, i’m sharing a fucking opinion and advising people to not fall into the pitfalls of hero-worship. that is all. I don’t find it entertaining, I find it irritating.

And as so far Dalton doesnt have to deal with this because this? this is my opinion. 

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you slay girl xx —Anonymous

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I'm sorry but actually YOU are being the ass. Just because Dalton is a musician doesn't mean he's supposed to live up to whatever standards you've set. He's an 18 yr old singer/songwriter not a therapist. I know him personally and he's a good guy. If you want to trash a public figure, go harass Nash Grier who writes hateful and hurtful crap every day intentionally. But, of course, then you'd be drowned out in a sea of voices and you wouldn't get the attention I suspect you're enjoying for this. —Anonymous

Okay so I’m going to say this once, just once. And then I am going to go and turn off anon so that you have to confront me without the cowardice of anon to hid behind.

1. I am a major asshole. pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. MAJOR ASSHOLE

2. not my standards. Industry standards. also: I’m allowed to have an opinion. So are you. You don’t see me sending these sort of messages to get mine out there though do you? Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean you get to be hateful.

3. not a therapist?? ok when did i ask for therapy wth

4. don’t need the attention. don’t need none of this crap. my blog, i can post whatever the fuck i want.


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P.S I hope I'm not making you hate me, and I don't hate you at all, I mean your opinion is completely valid and I still love your blog, I just found your argument perplexing :) —sociallyawkwardchick

I actually really appreciate that you want to talk about it, like srsly thankyou so much for engaging me on this!! I guess it kind of is. I have reasons to have judgement that I have been asked not to share, and I wont betray that, so sometimes it makes it difficult to explain my arguments and opinions without bringing that into it.  

but still, thank you so very much for engaging me in this, I really enjoy sharing with people and listening to them in turn. 

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That's just the impression I got from your posts by calling him an asshole. How do you call someone an asshole only in the context of one post? They're either an asshole or not. If you took the time to write all that, it gives the impression that you have some sort of disdain towards him. And also I suppose you figured out that Dalton's humor is a bit darker than you may have previously believed reflecting on some of his answers, but none of them were unrightfully rude. They were jokes (cntd..) —sociallyawkwardchick

I can call someone an asshole in the context of one post as I am referring specifically to that post. There are plenty of things that I 100% agree and support Dalton doing, its just I dont shout them out the way that I do with the negative ones. Maybe thats not right of me, maybe it is, but there are enough people shouting his praises so I dont feel the need to do it myself. That is why my blog appears negative, because I let the good things speak for themselves. 

tl;dr, i don’t think suicide jokes are funny, be they unintentional or not. should have been handled better. I don’t hate him. and thats what you missed on glee. 

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Also I hope you haven't been getting too much hate for what you said, I mean you ARE entitled to your opinions. But just be careful what you post in the tags. I know you're intending for a lot of people to see it, but a lot of people DONT want to see it. Telling people they're wrong or idolizing someone aimlessly RARELY gets people to see the truth. I'm just letting you know for future reference? Take care. —sociallyawkwardchick

Ok, yeah, you’ve got a point there. I am a huge asshole in the tags bc i think nobody reads them. probably should stop that. I dont want to tell anyone that they are wrong for idolising someone though, I just want to make sure that they are aware of the dangers of doing so and that they are safe and happy

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Hey darlin, I'm not hating I swear and idc if you publish this or not. But I saw your post on Dalton (and IM5 I guess), and I was really curious as to why you dislike him so much. I mean concrete evidence. I get you don't like Dalton, but I don't have a reason to as far as I know. I've explicitly said this before, but if Dalton fucked up badly (and I don't mean he made a mistake, but if he FUCKED UP I wouldn't support that blindly. I was hoping you'd point me to solid proof for your arguments? —sociallyawkwardchick

Why does everyone think I dislike him???!! I dont know him???!!! He doesn’t know me!!??? I think he is a fantastic performer, and a lousy publicist. there, that is my opinions. Oh! and that he has too much influence over young girls, but that isnt his fault. 

As for concrete evidence, see the previously answered question. 

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Also sorry about the long ass post, I just figured I’d answer several messages in the one rather than 10 smaller questions.

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You confuse me. Do you like Dalton or not? I mean, as a person. Because sometimes you seem to, then other times, you seem really mean. You have written these big long judge-mental posts about how you think he's an asshole and has said rude and immature things but SO DO YOU. He's not perfect and neither are any of us, You try to hold him to different standards than you hold yourself. If you don't like him anymore then just leave him alone because I don't see him writing rude things about you. JS —Anonymous

Kay so here i go. Just want to prelude this with the age old “Check yourself before you check me” thing. 

Okay so I had this big thing for Dalton about 6 months ago, where a former 5er had a bit of a breakdown and I treated her terribly for it, as she blamed Dalton, who she had met and had triggered her. I am not saying that I believe, or believed her story, but I did the wrong thing and I attacked her for something that she could not control. Whether that was or was not due to Dalton is irrelevant, but at this time she was trying to open peoples minds as to the responsibility that people in the public eye have to their fans and the greater public. It has been recently that I have become aware of this, and I am trying to open peoples minds in a similar way, though perhaps through different methods than my friend undertook.

You want to know whether I like Dalton or not? To be completely truthful with you, I do not know. That is because I do no know him as a person, only as a performer and public figure. With this in mind, I am completely within my rights to critique him and his behavior. Any comments or judgement I do make on him is as a performer and public figure and not as a person because I know nothing about him. So when you say “You try to hold him to different standards than you hold yourself.” yes, I do. I hold him to the standards that everybody in the music industry has to be held to. Professionalism, is one of those. 

As to my supposed “big long judgmental (btw you spelt that wrong, sorry about it) posts about how I think he’s an asshole and has said rude and immature things”; I say this. Yes, I called him an asshole as to the phrasing of his reply to an anon questioning his transition from IM5 to Fly Away Hero, but that was the phrasing only. It needed to be handled differently, because his reply was very passive-aggressive, considering it was a polite (if slightly judgmental, but not negative) question and his fans are mostly in the 14-18 age bracket. Furthermore, I have defended him multiple times throughout the history of this blog. I honestly think that it was such a good thing to involve his fans in the process of leaving IM5 as it not only showed younger girls that it is okay to pursue what you love without compromise, but created an organic give-and-take relationship between them. I commend him for being open and unashamed of his bipolar and for promoting a positive message about mental health through that. Honestly, I really don’t think he has done too much wrong, but the little things, especially lately with his replies and comments on tumblr (and to some extent also twitter) have irked me. Again it comes back to phasing. This passive-aggressive relationship he has with these questioners, and hence to some extent fans perpetuates this attitude within them. Again, it is not very professional. Let me explain:

There were several risque questions posed to him started by who i assume was a teenage girl having a bad day, and relaying these frustrations to him in what i presume is a healthy way, to which he replied, “If you’re having problems in your life, fix em with a knife”. Now I immediately thought he was referring to a self-harm/potential suicide idea (which he later addressed as this was not the case), but this is the immediate thing that I thought of. Now, if he had phrased it as “Don’t let people mess with you” or something similar, it would of been fine, but the sentence that he used created violent imagery to his young fans and I do not agree with this. This is not the first instance, and I know that this is all unintentional, so I shall not speak on it any more. 

To summarize: I’m sick of the attitude. He is talking to impressionable people who look up to him as a role model, and a public figure, and I judge him on this. He needs to act like one.

To address the fact that you believe that I am an asshole that says immature and rude things, I present you this. I believe you are trying to get at the “Check yourself before you check someone else” thing? Well consider that I have checked myself. I am a giant fucking asshole. I am a huge cunt and I have no shame in it. BUT! I am not a public figure. I am an 18 year old Law student who lives halfway across the world and influences nobody. I don’t do anything of use, and!! It comes back to the fact that you do not know me as a person. None of you know me as a person, so you can only judge me based upon the content that I provide on my blog. I really don’t care if you think I’m an asshole. 

Finally, I invite anyone who does not want to express their own opinion to me in a calm manner (of which I would appreciate because I love a healthy debate and I think that there should be more of it in this fandom, debate fosters growth yay!) to click the little unfollow button and get the fuck outta here.  

I’m not hear to be screamed at for my opinions. I only want to share my opinion with others and listen to theirs in return. So thankyou JS for you absolutely lovely message. I hope this clears it up. 

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I don't mean this to be rude but if that's how you feel about them then why are you an IM5/Fly Away Hero blog? —Anonymous

Gonna give you the same answer I gave another person who wishes to remain anonymous.

In all honesty I don’t have a problem with the majority of the things that they do but I have a huge problem with blind hero worship and people not being able to recognise flaws in the people they look up to and I see that so much. I really don’t want anyone to get hurt and it worries me so much. Too bad everyone is going to take it the wrong way but oh well.

I enjoy the music and I love the people who I’ve met through this blog. Yeah, it’s become a little inactive, but I still genuinely care about flyers and 5ers and I am scared that some of you are going to fall into the traps of hero worship like guys it isn’t healthy and not everything im5 and fly away hero put out as public figures is positive. It’s up to you all what that is and isn’t I cannot make the decision for you but please look at your lives and look at what these public figures do. Don’t be ignorant about it.

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