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Oh god your tags😂 I love it —Anonymous

My tags are gold and if you aren’t reading them you are missing out 😁

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Not to be a pervert but…that mouth was made to suck cock.



FAHnally!  Here’s the master post of all of the Disneyfied Fly Away Hero members.  Thanks for the support for the first one <3

Like Dalton’s, I decided to go by a different color scheme than the respective Disney characters.  I went with black plus another color.  

Hope you guys love them <3

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u know what really sucks about living in australia

u don’t get to meet im5 and u probably never will

Nooooo, don’t say that, they’ll come here one day… or we’ll go there… I dunno, but I am determined to meet them.

Nobody comes here bc they’re all scared + 1286742 hr flight

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Wilfred + textposts

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I’d just like to remind everyone that in an old interview, IM5 was asked, “If you were to become IM6, who would the sixth member be?”

And Dalton answered with David Scarzone.

So everyone let that sink in and stop hating please.

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do you like im5? —Anonymous


Yes and no I guess. If you’re referring solely to their music, then I’m leaning towards a ‘no’ now. I liked a lot of their older stuff like:

  • Superman
  • Zero Gravity
  • Go
  • Into the Night
  • Save Your Love (technically not one of their songs anymore but whatever)

But I hadn’t been able to interest myself in their newer songs, (not including Heartless because that shit is VERY catchy). Even if it is your stereotypical pop song. i don’t care what anyone says that’s my guilty pleasure song.

As for the boys, I still like and support them. Particularly Will and Gabe. They’re my babies and I will always wish the best for them. 

As for the IM5 management, NOPE. IM5 was (and is) a fairly decent boy-band, and I think they could be so much more successful if they had a management that didn’t make money the central priority of the band. I mean they’ve been a band for 3 years now? And only this summer have they had anything [good] on iTunes. For the longest time in interviews or Ustreams the boys would give the excuse that their management had to get through a bunch of ‘legal stuff’. It’s not rocket science to get something on iTunes. Seriously. It shouldn’t have taken you three years. Get your shit together, management. 

The IM5 management has yet to show me a situation where they have actually cared for the fans. Not the money. THE FANS. You can tell the boys genuinely care about the fans, but the IM5 management has other values. If they can get their values straight, I think that IM5 could go so much farther without having to rely on Todrick to get them the publicity they deserve.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this rant, I still love all the 5ers that have supported this band and saw the genuine care the boys have for their fans. This is just my little opinion so it’s fine by me if you have different views.

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sometimes Cole has facial hair and sometimes Cole doesn’t have facial hair but I know he makes my brain go a good kind of fuzzy no matter what’s going on with his face so

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I love it when people assume I stopped shipping Colton because Dalton left..Like haha nope bitch this is ride or die once you get on you never get off.

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Fetus Dalton Caught Wearing A Snapback

Oh god this is TERRible. i love it.

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