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Is ANYONE going to talk about this?!

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Hey so what's all this shit I'm hearing about Dalton and Cole going at it on Twitter? —Anonymous


Haha they definitely didn’t “go at it”, at least not publicly.

BUT Dalton seemed to be watching IM5’s Heartless video because he tweeted the link to it and remarked how the description of the video credits “some chick Jill but doesn’t credit the writer @willjayIM5. #Shameless.” and then he tweeted, “If you want you know who’s ‘voice’ you’re hearing… find out who wrote the f-ing song.”

a couple of minutes after that (which was at 3:35 am California time, mind you), Cole tweeted “I’m not really a fighter, but there are some people that just really need to be punched”, which some people obviously assumed was in reference to Dalton.

a few more minutes later Dalton tweeted, “tbh @willjayIM5 is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met and he should be recognized for it. Sorry for the rant.” (Will favourited this tweet, I noticed)

He deleted all these tweets later which I suppose is understandable but at the same time I fucking APPLAUDED him when I woke up and saw those because damn right Will Behlendorf is one of the most talented people I know and deserves so, so much better than some of the crap IM5 pulls. I don’t think Dalton should’ve deleted his tweets because he did absolutely nothing wrong and so many people agreed with him, but I guess it makes sense

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important things: cole looking over at gabe with panic in his eyes when everyone starts speaking spanish

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Sorry but I've seen more ugliness come out from tumblr in the last few days than I ever saw come from Dalton's. Not following your hypocritical logic. You say it's your blog and you can write whatever you want, but he can't? I just don't get it. He's not allowed to have a bad day or react to the hateful comments, but you CAN? He may be famous but you don't get to dehumanize him for entertainment. He is actually a real person, just like you. Maybe he just wants to play music, not deal w/this. —Anonymous

im assuming there is supposed to be a *your in that first sentence there hunny

Nah son, never been talking about hate. You can react to hate in any way you want. Its the reasonable questions with the as of yet unjustified snark that get to me. not once have made an example of him reacting to hate. so idk where that came from but ok w/e.

and i never dehumanised him. for fucks sake, i’m sharing a fucking opinion and advising people to not fall into the pitfalls of hero-worship. that is all. I don’t find it entertaining, I find it irritating.

And as so far Dalton doesnt have to deal with this because this? this is my opinion. 

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you slay girl xx —Anonymous

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I'm sorry but actually YOU are being the ass. Just because Dalton is a musician doesn't mean he's supposed to live up to whatever standards you've set. He's an 18 yr old singer/songwriter not a therapist. I know him personally and he's a good guy. If you want to trash a public figure, go harass Nash Grier who writes hateful and hurtful crap every day intentionally. But, of course, then you'd be drowned out in a sea of voices and you wouldn't get the attention I suspect you're enjoying for this. —Anonymous

Okay so I’m going to say this once, just once. And then I am going to go and turn off anon so that you have to confront me without the cowardice of anon to hid behind.

1. I am a major asshole. pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. MAJOR ASSHOLE

2. not my standards. Industry standards. also: I’m allowed to have an opinion. So are you. You don’t see me sending these sort of messages to get mine out there though do you? Just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean you get to be hateful.

3. not a therapist?? ok when did i ask for therapy wth

4. don’t need the attention. don’t need none of this crap. my blog, i can post whatever the fuck i want.


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P.S I hope I'm not making you hate me, and I don't hate you at all, I mean your opinion is completely valid and I still love your blog, I just found your argument perplexing :) —sociallyawkwardchick

I actually really appreciate that you want to talk about it, like srsly thankyou so much for engaging me on this!! I guess it kind of is. I have reasons to have judgement that I have been asked not to share, and I wont betray that, so sometimes it makes it difficult to explain my arguments and opinions without bringing that into it.  

but still, thank you so very much for engaging me in this, I really enjoy sharing with people and listening to them in turn. 

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