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That’s emotion.

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What the fuck is the SLSP music video ?

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Put a letter in my muse’s askbox and I’ll write a para starter for both of our muses:

For muses in a relationship:

A. Muse A treats Muse B to a romantic, candlelit massage at the end of a hard day.

B. Muse A steps in while Muse B is showering/bathing and helps Muse B bathe/shave.

C. Muse A and Muse B head into the kitchen for a late night snack and feed each other.

D. Muse A and Muse B lie down in bed/on the couch together and talk until they fall asleep in each others’ arms.

E. Muse A and Muse B build a fort out of blankets and pillows.

F. Muse A and Muse B confess their first impressions of each other and reflect on their relationship so far, sharing favorite memories.

G. Muse A takes care of Muse B when they’re not feeling well.

H. Muse A takes Muse B back to the place they had their first date/they first met and proposes/gives them a promise ring. 

I. While out on a date, Muse A and Muse B get caught in the rain with no umbrella.

J. Muse A and Muse B move in together.

For muses who’re strangers:

K. Muse A accidentally takes Muse B’s order at the local coffee shop, giving them a reason to finally talk to one another. 

L. Muse A goes over to Muse B’s apartment to complain about the noise that’s preventing them from getting work done/studying/sleeping.

M. Muse A’s car breaks down in front of Muse B’s house and Muse A asks for help.

N. Muse A and Muse B are assigned to work together on a school project/work project.

O. Muse A overhears Muse B making negative remarks about something that they like and can’t help but voice their opinion, resulting in a lively debate. After agreeing to disagree, Muse A and Muse B are curious to learn more about each other. 

P. Muse A and Muse B meet online and a relationship builds as they continue to chat. 

Q. Muse A spots Muse B at a friend’s birthday party/wedding and decides to introduce themselves before they miss the opportunity.

R. Muse A bumps into Muse B by accident while chasing after their dog/cat/kid. 

S. Muse A starts a new job and learns that Muse B will be their new boss/co-worker.

T. Muse A meets Muse B while travelling and forgets to exchange numbers before they part ways. Time passes and Muse A can’t get Muse B out of their mind. By chance, Muse A and Muse B end up travelling together again and this time Muse A makes sure that they keep in touch.

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As you all know, i host a lot of giveaways and my last two recently ended. If you want proof that they were legit go here.

I am hosting this giveaway to celebrate reaching my goal of 30,000 followers. There will be 2 winners this time. AND THE WINNERS CAN CHOOSE WHICH COLOURED CAMERA THEY WANT.

The cameras come in BLUE or WHITE, or PINK or BLACK. Once the winners are picked, I will be ordering 2 cameras (in each winners preferred color) straight from eBay and then mailing it to the winners!

The image above is not mine, but it is an example of what the Polaroid cameras look like. I do not have them yet, I will order once the winners are picked so that they come in both winners preferred colour.

Here’s how this will work:

  • You have to be following meI am checking who is following, and the winner will be re-drawn if they aren’t following me. I post mainly photography photos anyway.
  • Likes do not count for anything, only reblogs will count.But you can still like it as a bookmark
  • Winner will be chosen like as if it were a raffle drawing. And will be contacted via tumblr messages.
  • You have until May 20th, 2014 (australian date) to reblog this post. If the winner doesnt reply within a week then I will choose different. I will post their URL on my blog too
  • This giveaway will be shipped to anywhere in the world, I will be paying for shipping so don’t worry. Good luck!


  • Fuji instax mini 8 polaroid camera. 
  • An arm strap
  • User manual
  • Mini white film x50
  • Photo album
  • Batteries

Ends on May 20th, 2014 (australian date)

—- REMEMBER, you must follow ME for your entry to count. —-


And also, if you’d like to learn how to make some extra cash by testing out apps on your smartphone, click here and read the post. It will make you happy even if you dont win xx

Good luck and stay lovely!

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[a playlist for eden]

what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
it's not unusual - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones
what's new pussycat - tom jones


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Hey now hey now this’ what dreams are made of

Just to chip in with my 5 cents


I liked the cover. Ish.

I mean it was great to see the boys put out a new cover after everything, but it could have been a lot better. And tbh it should have been, given the anticipation for it. But I understand that a lot has changed in a short amount of time, and that has ramifications, and…

No seriously wake up and smell the roses people not everyone has to fucking agree with you.

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I feel like this whole 5amily hates me right now…

Why babe? You’re the tits.

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A word about courtesy



I once reblogged a piece of art by a well-known fan artist, something that had tens of thousands of notes on it, and, sick with envy, said that I wished she would just stop. She reblogged it and said, “You know I can see all the comments people make to my…


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